Oregon Convention Center

The Convention Center is across the river from the main (downtown) part of Portland. It is near the Loyd Center, which is a shopping mall. The Convention Center is near the 3 official hotels. The Convention Center has its own MAX stop—the Max is a light rail system that can take you from the airport to the Convention Center (and near your hotel) as well as into Portland and to other spots as wel)—called "Convention Center." A picture is below.

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Our space is mostly located in the southeastern part of the Convention Center, which is the lower righthand corner of the green outline—actually in the rotunda that you can see. The Portland Ballroom is on the third level; registration on the first.

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Below are some diagrams from the Convention Center. Note that they are rotated 90°. We have the places circled in red, plus the green ellipse, which is where registration is. The Courtyard (not the hotel) is where the exhibits and stuff will be. Note that the upper diagram is the lower level and the lower diagram is up on level 3. That is, we'll be on 2 different levels.

Lower Level

Upper Level