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Mozilla Contributor Assignment

taken from: CVS Contributor Form
For Committing Code To The CVS Source Repository

In order to obtain the ability to commit changes to a CVS source repository and become a "Committer" you must indicate your agreement to the terms below by completing and signing this agreement and returning it to at the address specified at (the "Notification Address").

1. Contact Information

Employer Name:

Phone Number:

(complete Employer Name if you are committing code
to on behalf of your employer)

If you are committing code on behalf of your employer, then you confirm that an appropriate person at the "Employer Name" above has authorized the inclusion of such code in the source repository under the terms of this agreement.

2. Treatment of Account. Committer's account username will be the email address (above) with the `@' character replaced by `%'. Committer will not allow anyone other than Committer to use this account or username to access a CVS repository or other systems. Should Committer become aware of any such use, Committer will immediately notify in the manner specified at; until such notice is received Committer will be presumed to have taken all actions made through Committer's account. will have complete control and discretion over capabilities assigned to Committer's account, and may disable Committer's account for any reason at any time. Committer's name and account will be visible worldwide via the Internet.

3. License Terms. Code committed to the CVS source repository ("Committed Code") must be governed by the Netscape Public License ("NPL"), Mozilla Public License ("MPL"), or another license acceptable to Committer will verify that Committed Code contains the text of Exhibit A of the MPL or NPL, or another license acceptable to Other licenses are not acceptable by until declares them to be acceptable in writing.

4. Committing Code Created by Others. Committer may check-in code to the CVS source repository that was not written by Committer, provided that:

a) Committer identifies the author of such code through a comment in the CVS log that includes the name and email address of the author; and

b) To the best of Committer's knowledge, such code complies with the terms of this agreement.

5. Cryptography. Committer understands that cryptographic code may be subject to government regulations with which and/or entities using Committed Code must comply. Any code which contains any of the items listed below must either be checked-in to a module explicitly identified as containing cryptography, or must not be checked-in until staff has been notified and has approved such contribution in writing.

a) Cryptographic capabilities or features; or

b) Calls to cryptographic features; or

c) User interface elements which provide context relating to cryptography; or

d) Code which may, under casual inspection, appear to be cryptographic.

6. Notices and Knowledge. Committer agrees that, to the best of his/her knowledge:

a) For any committed Code using the NPL or the MPL, any notices required by Sections 3.3, 3.4, or Section 4 of the NPL or MPL are included in any Committed Code; and

b) Committed Code does not violate the rights of any person or entity.

Signed: ___________________________ Date: _____________________

Printed Name: _________________________________________________

v. 2/01

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