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The authors wish to acknowledge everyone who has talked with us or written about their experiences with open source; we have heavily mined those works to produce this book.

We wish to thank Bill Joy and Mike Clary who initiated this work by asking us to help create a vibrant community of developers using Sun's Jini Technology. We also want to acknowledge the strong support we received from Emily Suter and Ingrid Van Den Hoogen. We also thank the members of the Jini development team, especially Ken Arnold, Mark Hodapp, Jim Hurley, Charles Lamb, and Jimmy Torres. We also acknowledge some of the Jini Community members that helped us such as Cees de Groot, Alan Kaminsky, Michael Ogg, Aleta Ricciardi, Sylvia Tidwell Scheuring, Jerome Scheuring, and Bill Venners.

Thanks to Rob Gingell and Bonnie Toy for asking us to advise other groups at Sun who were considering using open source and for supporting us while we completed this book.

The members of Sun's Open Source Program Office, Danese Cooper, James Duncan Davidson, and Eric Renaud, were very helpful in spreading the open source message at Sun. Danese, in particular, helped shape this book in its early stages.

We thank Brian Behlendorf and Mitchell Baker for sharing with us the lessons they had learned from the Apache and Mozilla projects, and also Tim O'Reilly for sharing his insights about open source.

Sonali Shah provided us with key insights into why individuals participate in open source, and how outsiders participate in a company's innovative activities.

We have benefited from comments on early versions of this book from a number of readers including Bob Sproull, Emily Suter, Danese Cooper, Lawrence Lee, Ed Burns, Steven Rubin, Philippe Lalande, Duncan Findlater, Michael Davey, Rod Evans, and Tony Graham.

Anders Hejlsberg and Dave Thomas provided valuable information about some of the historical points noted in this book.

We also want to thank the various Sun groups that have let us experiment on them as they have explored using open source. The NetBeans team has been especially helpful, particularly Evan Adams, Kartik Mithal, Dirk Ruiz, and David Taber. From StarOffice/OpenOffice we want to thank Alan Templeton, John Heard, and Marissa Bishop. The whole JXTA team has been great to work with, thanks to Juan Carlos Soto, Emily Suter, and Ingrid Van Den Hoogen. Also John Tollefsrud of the Sun GridEngine project. The team--though they didn't realize it at the time--permitted us the most freedom we've ever had to try to create a community around open source and the open source ethos that was informed by our experiences before and during writing this book. Ingrid Van Den Hoogen was gracious enough to put her reputation in our hands once more, and we were joined again by Emily Suter. Daniel Steinberg of Dim Sum Thinking taught us about how journalism fit into community building, and Cathy Guthrie, Micheline Nijmeh, John Bobowicz, Ken Ostereich, and Chris Cheline helped keep the rubber off the sky (mostly).

Also thanks for their help to Guy L. Steele Jr., Jan Hauser, Jennifer Umstattd, John Ravella, Thomas Petzinger Jr., Robert Dahl, Kathy Knutsen, Bill Lard, Clifford Allen, Mike Schilling, Douglas Begle, Thomas Benthin, Pankag Garg, Peter G. Capek, and Steve Graham.

We thank Tim Cox, Richard Camp, and Stacie Pierce, and Paul Gottehrer of Morgan Kaufmann for their help in publishing this book, and also our external reviewers, Lara Fabans, Harold E. Gottschalk Jr., and Ted Leung, for their comments, which helped us improve the presentation.

Ron Goldman extends his special thanks to Mary Alexander for editorial assistance and writing advice.

Richard Gabriel thanks Jo Lawless for enduring yet another writing project, and the Lisp community for providing him with the opportunity to help create one of the first online design communities--the Common Lisp community.

Innovation Happens Elsewhere
Ron Goldman & Richard P. Gabriel
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