I was Program Chair for OOPSLA 2005, and am Essays Chair for 2006. I will be heavily involved with OOPSLA in 2007—I am not permitted to explain how, but maybe that's enough information.

I would like to hear from you about what you like and don't like about OOPSLA. How should it change? What would make you want to attend? Send mail to r-p-g here but without the hyphens.

The links below were for information I had about OOPSLA 2005.


(Unofficial) OOPSLA 2005 Information

(Unofficial) OOPSLA 2005 Schedule at a Glance

Why Attend OOPSLA 2005?

Call for Participation: Third Extravagaria Workshop: Hunting Creativity, OOPSLA 2005

OOPSLA 2005: Explore; Discover; Understand

Guide to Successful OOPSLA Submissions