(Unofficial) OOPSLA Session Map

Where things are held can be a little confusing this year. Below is a map of where some of the things are being held. But beware that this is not a complete map. For example, only some tutorials are being held in the Pacific Salon rooms—others are in the Royal Palm Salons (just to the right of the Atlas Ballroom) and other places. Workshops are not listed since they take place all over, including in the rooms on the far right middle of the map like Clarendon, Brittany, Fairfield, and Eaton.

Here is a 5mb pdf of the above map, which might print a little better. [[You will have to scale down the pdf file to print it—Acrobat and Acrobat Reader both can do this for you when you try to print it: Look for the Page Scaling option in the printer dialog.]]