(Unofficial) How To Use the Trolley Guide

There is a trolley station behind the OOPSLA . It can take you to Old Town, where the best Mexican restaurants are, to downtown, and essentially to Tijuana (Mexico). It is easy to use, but there are some tricky things to it. Here is the San Diego transportation page.

Where is the Trolley Station?

It is behind the OOPSLA site.

(You can see it on this map too.)

  1. Exit the Main Conference area
  2. If your room is in the highrise & you want to drop stuff off, go around to the right; otherwise, go left, to the left of (to the West of) the highrise, into the parking lot
  3. You should see a footbridge on the far side of the parking lot; head for that
  4. Cross the bridge and head for the road. You will see an elevated trolley line in front of you
  5. Go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs will be two fare machines. You should buy your tickets here. Both take cash and one or both take credit cards. There is a manned ticket booth near the tracks, but sometimes no one is there

Where Can I Go?

Here is a map of the trolley system:

Here's what it means:


The trolley runs on the honor system, which means no one will, in general, check your tickets. You cannot buy tickets on the trolley. Fares are by the number of stops you go. To get to and from Old Town, for example, takes 2 stops, which is $1.75 each way or $3.50 for a round trip.

You can buy day passes, but only either by purchasing them online and then they are mailed to you, or at the downtown Transit Store. Neither is convenient. Here is the page with fare information.