Jake's Famous Crawfish Restaurant

Jake's is my favorite restaurant in Portland, especially if you like oysters. One night, Guy Steele, Jerome Chailloux, and I finished off all their oysters in one sitting—of course (I hope), other people had been dwindling the supply before us and while we were eating.

But, they have all sorts of seafood.

You'll need a reservation (or you can go to Jake's Grill Restaurant which is about 4 blocks away and serves basically the same menu).


401 SW 12th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97205
(503) 226-1419
1-888-344-6861 toll free

Jake's Grill:

611 SW Tenth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205
Restaurant: (503) 220-1850
1-888-344-6861 toll free

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Here is a map which includes other places I like in Portland.