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Defamiliarization: Flarf, Conceptual Writing, and Using Flawed Software Tools as Creative Partners [workshop version pdf] [journal version [pdf] - added 9/26/2011, 8/11/2012

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A Review of The Art of the Metaobject Protocol [pdf] - added 8/27/2009

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A Pattern of Language Evolution - added 12/18/2008

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Designed as Designer - added 10/28/2008

Fourth Extravagaria Workshop, OOPSLA 2008 - added 05/25/2008

Lisp-in-Lisp: High Performance and Portability

S-1 Common Lisp Implementation

Design of An Optimizing, Dynamically Retargetable Compiler for Common Lisp - added 03/01/2008

Analysis of the Revision of a Poem by Bill Knott - added 2/28/2008

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CLOS in Context: The Shape of the Design Space [pdf] - added 5/3/2004

Concepts [pdf] and Functions [pdf]—the CLOS specification - added 5/3/2004

Do Programmers Need Seat Belts? - added 4/4/2004

Performance and Evaluation of Lisp Systems (pdf) - added 2/7/2004

Science of Design (pdf) - added 11/28/2003

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Used Software [pdf] - an early view on reuse - added 1/1/2002

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Mob Software: The Erotic Life of Code [html] [pdf] - OOPSLA 2000 Keynote

Interspersions - musical notes for Mob Software

Worse Is Better discussion [html]

"Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big" [html] [pdf] - the classic Worse is Better paper

Worse Is Better Is Worse

Is Worse Really Better?

Models of Software Acceptance: How Winners Win

Money Through Innovation Reconsidered

Back to the Future: Is Worse (Still) Better?

Back to the Future: Worse (Still) is Better!

Lessons From The Science of Nothing At All [html]

Master of Fine Arts in Software [html] [pdf]

Repetition, Generativity, and Patterns [html] - the introduction to "Pattern Languages of Program Design, 2," Vlissides, John M., Coplien, James O., and Kerth, Norman L. (eds), Addison-Wesley, 1996

Christopher Alexander: The Search for Beauty [pdf]

The Nature of Order: The Post-Patterns World [pdf]

The Jini Community Pattern Language [pdf]

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